St. Leo's School 14th Annual Trout Derby
May 12-13, 2018

May 12-13,2018 

Geocaching Rules

Caches will be placed at local fishing spots and marked with GPS coordinates that will be given in a list to all registered teams.  The goal will be to visit all 10 locations and return within 2 hours to the registration area with the unopened envelopes that represent ‘fish’.  The St. Leo’s Fish Commission will open the envelopes for each team as they arrive and post their accumulated point total along side their team name.  Open ‘fish’ envelopes will be disqualified!  No team should have more then 10 ‘fish’ envelopes.



Any team can win!



The event starts at 2:00 PM on May 21, 2016 at the Ridgway Firemen’s Carnival lot.  There will be a $20.00  Each team must bring their own GPS.  Each team must sign a waiver.  Registered teams will then receive a cache list or ‘license’ for ‘fishing’.


The event ends at 5:00 PM at the registration area where teams will be scored on UNOPENED ‘fish’ envelopes.  Prizes will be awarded by the St. Leo’s Fish Commission.


.  The caches will be stocked days before the event by the St. Leo’s Fish Commission.

.  Each team will proceed to the cache locations in any order they select.  Each cache location will have a supply of ‘fish’ envelopes.

.  Envelopes will be marked so that there can be only one from each cache for each team.  Teams that take too many ‘fish’ from a cache will be given a point deduction from the St. Leo’s Fish Commission. 

    Only one‘fish’ may be taken by each team from a given cache location.  Open ‘fish’ envelopes will be disqualified!

.  Not all cache locations will have ‘fish’ and therefore have no points.

.  Not all caches will have enough ‘fish’ for every registered team so the first teams to the cache get the ‘fish’ available.

.  Some ‘fish’ will be suckers and have penalty point, or small fish with fewer point, some holes will have only a few fish worth many points, some streams will be posted for fly fishing only and have penalty points.

.  No team should end up with more then 10 ‘fish’ envelopes, one from each location.

.  There is one very high point fish available at one of the cache locations!

.  ‘Fish’ envelopes must be returned UNOPENED to the St. Leo’s Fish Commission before 5:00 PM to be available for scoring and prizes.




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